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Midland-Odessa Community Chorus
Core-Choir for the 2021 Messiah Sing-along
4805 Gateway St. 
Midland, Texas
Choral Director: Alice Beckstrom
We are hoping to be able to again perform Handel's Messiah for our 6th 'Annual' Messiah Sing-along on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 5:30 PM with Alice Valantine Beckstrom as Choral Director, Dr. Frank Eychaner returning as guest conductor, organist LuAnn Lane and our pianists Lisa Phillips & Brittany Nielsen.  Rehearsals for the MOCC core-choir will begin on Thursday, Oct 7 from 7-8:30 PM and will continue every Thursday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4805 Gateway St, Midland, TX 79707.  

Please contact us for more information on singing with the Midland-Odessa Community Chorus in the future. 
email me
Hi MOCC, just TWO more rehearsals till the “dress” rehearsal and performance!! (Dates and other info at bottom of email.)  

We are continuing to refine the choruses and they are sounding wonderful! If you have time to only look over one thing, PLEASE look at #44 Hallelujah, particularly Rehearsal D, bar 41-49 where everyone has the octave leaps “and He shall reign forever and ever”. PLEASE practice singing: “and Hih shall rehn for eh-ver and eh-ver”.

I’ve posted on Facebook a “Live” video from rehearsal. There is some video distortion and skipping, but overall, we sound darn good! If you want to see it and/or share it, you can find it at 

Please use the rehearsal helps (listed below) and be ready to sing all the choruses next Thursday.

Thank you!


Hi MOCC singers, well the countdown is on... just 3 more rehearsals till the “dress” rehearsal and performance!! (Dates and other info at bottom of email.)  

If you are brand new, or have had to miss a lot of rehearsals, please try very hard to be at rehearsal next week. We’d love to have you filling out our choir and joining in the glorious harmonies of Messiah!

Also, you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s “Hymnfest” at First Presbyterian Church in Midland (Nov 9). They are inviting everyone to join in a one-hour Hymn-sing-along program, accompanied by a chamber group from the Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale. If you want to sit in the choir loft and sing with the FPC choir, you’ll need to be there by 3:10 PM for a run-thru of the program. Otherwise, come before 4 PM to sing with the audience.  

SOLOISTS: Please let me know if you’d like a coaching session on your song. Also, please contact Betty-Anne Tague about rehearsing together before our rehearsal on Dec 5, when we’ll try to sing through the entire program, including solos.


• 7-7:10 Welcome & warmup in Chapel
• 7:15 Try to sing and perfect all eight choruses. Rehearsal order: #7, 26, 12, 46, 44 (practice the octave leaps “and He” by singing: and Hih shall rehn for eh-ver and eh-ver), 4, 9, 17
• Benediction, cookies/mingle


2019 Members of the Midland-Odessa Community Chorus:  

Steven Allred, Alice Beckstrom, Mark Beckstrom, Alexandria Belk, Amy Blackshear, Sarah Blackshear, Cathy Bonifay, Megan Bower, Brad Butler, Lynne Chandler, Stazie Church, September Clark, Nico Crissinger, Mary Dawson, Melody Drinkard, Jane Greaves, Melanie Harper, Drew Hausen, Joseph Hausen, Sandra Huston, Daphne Jarman, Wendie Jarman, Cynthia Jarrett, ManDee Laing, Rachel Langston, Kati Lewis, Andy Lloyd, Emily Martin, Lindsay Martin, David May, Elizabeth-Anne McDonald, Mark McDonald, Mary Lou McDonald, Rachel McDonald, Joseph Meyer, Aslinn Nelson, Sharon Ormsby, Renée Pocsik, Manuel Rodriquez, Adrian Romero, Karen Weidmann, Ron Whitaker, Caitlin Wilson
2017 The Forgotten Carols Singers:
Desiree Aguilar, Alice Beckstrom, Amy Blackshear, Amanda Blanton, Hannah Blanton, Cathy Bonifay, Lynne Chandler, Stazie Church, Jeannie Cornia, Melody Drinkard, Brooke Hadlock, Colby Hazard, Aubry Jarman, Bethany Jarman, Bryan Jarman, Wendie Jarman, David May, Mark McDonald, Mary Lou McDonald, Rachel McDonald, Tricia Moffa, Alexandra Newberry, Susan Perez, Aaron Pitt, Alan Pitt, Thomas Pitt, Luke Prizer, Jordan Ridderhof, Gabriel Sanchez, Brian Stimpson, Mandilyn Stimpson, Tamara Weaver, Karen Weidmann
Forgotten Carols NOTES:

General Questions/Answers/Information:

Rehearsals at (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4805 Gateway St, Midland, TX 79707), 
8:35-9:05 PM on Nov 9, 16 (and if needed) Nov 30  
7:00-8:00 PM on Dec 7 and Dec. 12.  

There's a DropBox link for the Sheet Music and MP3's. Please print out your own music, and listen to it and try to sing along and our rehearsals can be focused on unifying our sound and being a real show-choir!

The performance order of our songs: Handel's Dream, Three Kings, Arise & Shine Forth, 12/25 – 365 (the Encore)

Handel’s Dream- has a mistake in the score: at measure 43 the key changes to Key of G.

Three Kings- page 5, 2nd line says “repeat measures 68071 as directed”. I should state to repeat M 75-78.

Arise- The first page says “2nd time solo” which refers to the 2nd time the soloist sings Arise (on the cast recording the choir enters around 3:06.)

How will they be standing on the stage? Risers? Do you have them standing in specific part order for the show? Do they have any movement that they need to learn?  The choir is seated backstage at the beginning of the show. When it's their time to sing, our stage hands will guide them on-stage, and they will stand on different levels of stairs & platforms. After each song they sing, they are led back off-stage. Their placement on stage will be determined during the short rehearsal before the show, when they'll have an opportunity to rehearse getting on and off stage. 

I assume the choir members will be at the theatre from 5:00 for the dress rehearsal until the end of the performance. How does dinner work? Will they have a break to eat? Is that meal provided or do I need to coordinate that? Can food be brought into the venue?  You will get a more detailed schedule soon, but we'll ask the choir to be at the venue by 4:45, ready for a 5:00 PM rehearsal. The choir will have a dinner break between 6 - 7 PM. No meal is provided, but choir members can walk to nearby places for dinner, or they can bring a lunch/dinner with them. Food is totally fine in the choir rehearsal room / greenroom. 


Nov 9, 2017

Hi everyone, great, first rehearsal tonight and a GREAT group of performers! Tyler Castleton took time out of his busy schedule to greet us and thank us. He also said that we can have TWO comps instead of just one. He left a lot of beautiful posters and flyers to use to invite friends (and earn our FREE, signed CD) and you can also give friends the discount code to save money on their tickets (Use the code: ForgottenCarols10 for 10% off additional tickets, and use the code: 2017Group is for 15% off orders with 10 or more tickets.).  

Tyler’s suggestion is for us to keep listening to and singing along with the cast recordings. Here’s some notes on each song:

1. Handel’s Dream: When the song is 12/8 sing with a bouncy beat; 123 123 123 123. FYI: The middle of bar 11 rit, middle of bar 12 molto rit, also bar 12 is sung in unison (men, notes 5&6 should be “B”, “C”). Next entrance at bar 35 is at 2:12 of the cast recording. Bar 42-end the song is in key of G. Sing the notes as written, just DO NOT add a C#! (Sing along with the recording and you’ll be fine.) Bar 44-47 is the trickiest… Listen to recording and try to count out your rhythm.
2. Three Kings: Very different style, match the choir on the recording. If you want to skip some of the solo, bar 33 is at 1:39 of the recording, and bar 57 is at 2:42 of the recording and the repeat is at 3:24.
3. Arise: Gospel style, again, listen and match the choir on the recording. Count the song in 2 and it’ll be much easier to hear and feel your beat! We enter at 3:03 of the cast recording. 
4. 12-25, 365 (the encore)- just sing with the recording

And finally, remember that the music is to be memorized… try to have it on your phone, play on your computer, etc. I’ll attach MP3’s of the Cast Recordings only for those that don’t like DropBox. However, if you like to hear your note played along with the recording, I’ve made and attached those files on DropBox link for the Sheet Music and MP3's.
Please contact me with any questions and if you need to miss a rehearsal… we want to be so good and get enough people to come to the performance that the production team will want to return here and make this a new tradition for the Midland-Odessa area!!!


SAVE THIS DATE: I’m pleased to say that we have the dates for the 2019 5th Annual Messiah Sing-along and Dress Rehearsal! The Performance will be Dec 8, the Dress Rehearsal on Dec 7, and MOCC rehearsals will start Oct 3 (we will not rehearse on Halloween on Oct 31st or Thanksgiving on Nov 28).  

Please make note of these dates and plan on joining us again!!!

* Video and Photos: I’m looking for a few people in Sunday’s audience that will take a few photos and video individual choruses and/or solos. Do any of you have friends that would be willing to do this? If we have about 3-5 people, we could assign each of them which choruses to record, so they won’t have to do it the entire time! Then, if they’ll send them to me, I will be happy to forward them on to all of you! 

* Our Dress Rehearsal on Dec 7 will start promptly at 9:30 AM! We need to go straight through the program (including all the solos) without stopping. If time at the end, we will go over any parts that need clarifying or perfecting.  

* Sunday Dec 8th Performance- our call-time is 4:45 PM. We'll enter a door on the north-side of the building and rehearse in a room off that entrance. (Please remind me on Thursday to show you where we park and what door we’ll enter on Sunday for the performance!) Concert dress- Men may wear dark suits or tuxes with a jewel-tone tie. Women may wear jewel tone dresses or tops with dark slacks. (When I say “jewel-tone”, think of the colors of Christmas ornaments.) You may wish to bring water you can keep under your chairs.